Under this heading you will usually find many long and difficult descriptions. We have chosen to make this easy for you by adding the required information in the first section. "Volgin i Bandaksli" follows all laws and regulations that deal with rights that our customers have. This means, in short, that we only collect information necessary to enable us to trade after you as a customer have actively consented to this. You have the right to access the information we have stored and you have the right to be forgotten (because information that we are not required to keep anonymous) is prohibited.


"Volgin i Bandaksli" puts security in focus. All information about customers stored with us is the customer's private and will not ever become available to unauthorized users. All information we request will only be used to make effective purchases and deliveries. You should always be safe when submitting your personal information to us.

Personal Data Responsible

"Volgin i Bandaksli" is responsible for processing your personal information and is responsible for such treatment in accordance with applicable legislation.

Personal and corporate information

In order for you to visit our websites, buy goods or contact us for service or information, we must collect and process personal information about you.
"Volgin i Bandaksli" collects and processes information about you when you make a purchase on our website. The information collected from you in connection with orders and purchases is required in order for you to enter into an agreement with "Volgin in Bandaksli" and that BigÄrd in Bandaksli will be able to deliver its goods and offers.
"Volgin i Bandaksli" only records information that we need to conduct transactions with our customers and information we are required by law. As a registered customer, you can view and update your information at any time by going to "My account".
When paying by credit card, this is done on Nets' encrypted page, and "Volgin i Bandaksli" does not store credit card information.

My account

To guarantee maximum security in "My Account", you must log in to access these pages. All information we have stored about the customer relationship is available here. Contact post@bigard-i-bandaksli.no if you want to be "forgotten". Then we will anonymize all customer information except for what we are required to keep (bookkeeping regulations). This also means that you may be able to document that the item has been purchased from us as a result of any complaint that we can not find in our systems.

Cookies and what are they used for

The "Bigard i Bandaksli" website uses cookies, like most other online stores. Our e-commerce system relies on cookies to work. The main purpose is to improve your shopping experience and this is done in accordance with Norwegian law. A cookie is data stored in your browser, which will give you a better experience when visiting a website.

Avoid Cookies

If you want to avoid using cookies, you can set your browser to not accept cookies automatically. See the browser's help pages for settings. Please note that if you choose to exclude cookies, more of the features on bigard-i-bandaksli.no will not work.
The information will never be disclosed or made available to third parties outside our group.
By using the website bigard-i-bandaksli.no, you consent to the use of cookies.
Read more about the new Privacy Policy here.
Read more about the Personal Information Act.