Organic propolis

Organic propolis

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Pure organic propolis. Beeswax content <2%.

15 grams of dry ground product.

The bees collect resin from the buds on trees. Resin or resin as it is also called is a rubbery substance which is excreted from trees. When the bee has returned to the cube, small pieces of the resin mixture are bitten off and mixed with beeswax. The mixture is added a new substance from the cheekbones and chewed thoroughly. The resin mixture has now become propolis and can be used where needed in the cube.

Propolis is the bee's sealant. It is used to seal cracks, reduce openings, smooth the cube's surface, cover the surface of juvenile cells and strengthen the cell structure. But propolis does more than architectural duty in the hive. It also acts as an antiseptic barrier and protects the structure from contamination from external invaders such as insects, mice, snakes and lizards. In fact, the name propolis comes from Greek and means "defense of the city."

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