About Us

Bee farm in Bandaksli is a small family business in Vest-Telemark, which produces organic Norwegian honey, pollen and propolis.

Our apiary has been registered and certified by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority since 2016. And in 2018 we became Debio approved as an organic agricultural producer.

Now we have 26 hives of the breed Carnica (krainer) bees and are planning further development in the coming years.

Who are we?

We are a Ukrainian and Russian couple.

My name is Nikita Volgin and I am the general manager of the apiary. I always dreamed of being a beekeeper. My grandfather in Leningrad (Russia) had a small apiary, so I was already familiar with bees and beekeeping in my childhood. For several years, first in Russia, and then in Ukraine, I helped experienced beekeepers in their work.

After moving to Norway, I participated in several practical courses for beekeepers at Treungen beekeeping and Vest-Telemark beekeeping teams. In 2016, I participated and passed the "Competence Course on Bees" held by Norway's Beekeeping Team and was registered as certified beekeeper in Norway.

My wife Anna Skibitska is also very fond of bees. Her relatives in Ukraine owned a large apiary, so she is well acquainted with this work. Anna takes care of the health of the bees, controls and arranges in the apiary. She is also responsible for honey extraction and packing and other our products.

Placing of the apiary

Bee farm is located in Tokke municipality, Telemark county. This is an area of beautiful nature and cozy picturesque villages. The Telemark Canal is two minutes walk from our apiary.

Bandaksli is a completely organic place without any sources of pollution. The draft base for bees only consists of sprawling plants that are not fertilized or sprayed. The main plants in our area, which are attractive to the bees (within 5km radius):
- wild berries: blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries and raspberries;
- heather;
- willowherb;
- goldenrod. 

Do you have any questions - contact us at post@bigard-i-bandaksli.no or via Facebook.